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Summer hiking and mountain biking tours

The pristine environment around Lergodset gives you many opportunities for swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing and fishing in the summer. Regular guests also enjoy spotting wildlife such as moose, bears, otters and foxes.

Wildlife spotting can also be accompanied by an experienced guide. We are happy to help you In arranging an appointment.

10 minutes away is Högforsen, one of the most famous running areas in Sweden, there are also beautiful mountain bike trails in this area.

In the immediate vicinity are several hiking trails and lakes with sandy beaches.

On you will find all the activities from the area!

For organized activities in our beautiful valley, we would like to refer you to Ragunda Outdoor. They specialize in outdoor activities. Check out the website!

Jämtland’s magical winter; cross country skiing and snowsmobile tours.

Döda Fallet

The dead waterfall is the result of Sweden’s greatest natural disaster. In 1796, due to a technical design error in diverting the Indalsälven River, Magnus Huss drained Lake Ragunda. The flood that swept through the Indalsälven Valley destroyed homes, boats, trees, mills, sawmills, bridges and fishing facilities. The damage caused by the disaster was enormous. As a result, Storforsen disappeared and Döda Fallet was a reality.

You can take impressive hikes in and around the area. Because large areas are dry, you can see the effects of the power of the flowing water. Worth the effort!

In the summer, there is a café with beautiful views and theater performances in the open-air theater. For more info: www.dö

Geopark Indalsälven

The Geopark Indalsälven has existed since 2022. It tells about the geology and long history of the earth. An awful lot of geological finds have been made in Ragundadalen. At you will find all the information about the destinations! Fun fact: The geopark here in Ragunda Jämtland is connected to geopark de Hondsrug in Drenthe, the Netherlands.

Thai pavilion

In 1897, Thai King Chulalongkorn visited Sweden at the invitation of Sweden’s King Oscar II. This included a trip to Jämtland to study sawmills. 100 years later, people were still so impressed by his visit that they decided to erect a memorial to it. It has become a magnificent building, with 24-carat gold leaf and mosaics, which looks very special in the middle of the birch forest.

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Jämtland ‘s magical winter; cross-country ski tours and snowmobile safaris

In the magical winter landscape of Jämtland, the possibilities are endless. Skiing, ice skating, curling and ice fishing are among the possibilities in the immediate area. The real winter lover can venture out on a dog sled ride or a snowmobile safari.

The village is home to beautiful, partially lit cross-country ski trails and a toboggan run. During a cross-country skiing trip, you may encounter an elk.

At the end of the day you can relax in our sauna.

The northern location and many winter activities makes staying in Lergodset a great base. From October through March, the Northern Lights, aurora borealis, is an unforgettable experience that, if you are lucky, can be seen from your bedroom window….

Explore Kullstabacken near Lergodset

The Kullstabacken ski slope is less than 1.5 km from Lergodset. The slope has a height of 220m and the length is 1250m. For beginners, there is a children’s slope. All supplies for a day of skiing are available for rent. For more info:

At the bottom of the slopes there is a cozy lunch cafe.

Adventurous snow racing

Hammarstrands Rodelklubb has Sweden’s only artificial track for luge, bobsled and skeleton. There is also a natural track 1200m long, the track winds down the mountain especially for snow racers and alpine tobogganing. Do you dare to go down at high speed? It’s a great experience for big and small!

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Winter fun in Vinterparken

Just over an hour’s drive from Hammarstrand you will find Vinterparken. In the winter months, when the deep-freeze cold is here, Östersund, located on the Storsjön, opens its “doors” for the bustling Vinterparken. Here you can do and experience mostly free of charge all kinds of things on the ice of the big lake. Ice skating, cross-country skiing, ice sculpture workshops, sleigh rides, hiking, you name it. There is something for the whole family to do. There are beach chairs to enjoy the sun and fire pits to grill your own lunch. In short, the place is buzzing with fun! For more information:

More information about activities in the beautiful Ragunda Valley can be found here: